Hear Our Stories


Pema Lama

“We belong here. We deserve good jobs. I hope that me and other women like me will have opportunities to care for ourselves and our families, and the freedom to move between here and abroad where our families are.”

Jenny family photo.jpg

Jenny Seon

“If there’s anything I’d want people to take away from my family’s story is that my family had a lot of hard times when they first came here, but they survived through family reunification.”

Grace family photo.jpg

Grace Pai

“I spent countless hours among family growing up -- aunts, uncles, grandparents, my dad's cousins, great-aunts (who were all "grandmas" to me) -- and they have all made me who I am today.”

Leng Leng family photo.jpg

Leng Leng

“What I want to see changed with how people view immigrants is everyone should have autonomy with how they want to live their life to the fullest.